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White Stone is the third largest peak of Mount Plachkovitsa and is located at an altitude of 1707.
On the slope below the peak distance 45 000 M2, surrounded by rich dense beech and pine forest stretches and hotel complex WHITE STONE at an altitude of 1450m.
White Stone complex is ideal for a real vacation and recreation at any time of year, because it is in a region that abounds in natural beauty such as high cliffs, flora and fauna that can be found only in this area.
Plachkovitsa is medium high mountain in the eastern part of Macedonia.
The highest point is the top Lisec height 1 754 m. The mountain rises between the town Radovish and Strumica-Radovish valley to the south and Kocani valley north, in the northwest-southeast.

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The geological structure is comprised of granites (eastward), crystalline schists, gneisses and narrow strip of marble is interesting zapad.Reljefot, represented by fluvijalni zaramnini (surfaces) in the upper parts and sides of the mountain stramni raseden character.
The mountain is divided more deep river valleys.
Otherwise rivers that are larger and richer in water on the north side, They have deep valleys and a large longitudinal decline. Thus, Zrnovska River has many rapids, waterfalls and giant pots.
The mountain Plachkovitsa are three beautiful canyons: Kamnik, Kozjak Zrnovka which include stunning natural beauties like rivers, waterfalls, Preslap, high cliffs ...
For many canyon Kamnik with its beauty represents a small Colorado. All canyons provided the necessary infrastructure for smooth movement (markings, billboards, signposts, cables, Feret and a place to rest).

Of the many amenities offered Plachkovica mountains and caves more, five of which are tested and available for visitors. The biggest of them is the Big cave, investigated by length 600 m. It is a real gem with its cave decorations and challenge for speleologists.
The caves: jar, Dahlia, Turtel and Ponor are smaller, but rich in cave decorations and are easily accessible to visitors and to them marked paths. The climate in the area of ​​Plachkovitsa is temperate continental, with certain influence of Mediterranean climate of southern direction. The average annual temperature is around 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Next to the hotel is fully accessible by asphalt road, available for all types of motor vehicles.

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